Clayton TOD Pilot Project

Setting the Stage for Transit-Oriented Development in Clayton County (An FTA Pilot Grant Funded Project)

The Clayton Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Pilot Project is a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Pilot Grant funded project examining Clayton County to determine potential areas for TOD around the Southlake BRT stations. There are three different tasks dedicated to this effort: a Climate Resiliency Study, Multiple Corridor Studies, and an Economic Development Study.

Southlake BRT Climate Resiliency Study


MARTA is supporting reliable operation of the Southlake BRT by studying points of infrastructure vulnerability to flooding and heat along the Southlake BRT corridor. This work will identify improvements and opportunities for green infrastructure, flood mitigation and resiliency, and heat mitigation that can be implemented as part of the BRT construction process.

Complete Vision for the Alignment

Flint River Area Assessment and Opportunities Report

Southlake Corridor Vulnerability and Mitigation Assessment and Opportunities Report

Southlake BRT Corridor Studies


MARTA is working with GDOT to identify improvements that will help prepare key segments of the corridor for BRT service. Recommendations will aim to accommodate multiple modes safely and efficiently and improve the trip experience for a wide variety of users.

Old National Corridor Study

SR 85 Corridor Study

Tara Boulevard Corridor Study

Southlake BRT Economic Development Study


MARTA is supporting Clayton County’s ability to leverage the new BRT line for economic development by evaluating the potential for future development along the alignment and at station areas. They study also is identifying essential services such as childcare, senior housing, senior services, community gathering facilities, higher education/job training, food access, and health care access.

Economic Development Analysis

Complete Vision for the Alignment

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