What is Connect Clayton?

Connect Clayton seeks to explore different transit alignments and technology opportunities that comprise a transit network to improve Clayton County’s transportation mobility, accessibility, and connectivity to and from the metro Atlanta region.

The projects being developed under Connect Clayton include high capacity transit, transit supportive land use, and an operations and maintenance facility.

  • Southlake Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) emerged as the preferred high capacity option to deliver service to the western portions of the county.
  • Transit supportive land use is typically comprised of higher-density, multi-family residential, commercial, or mixed-use developments. An anticipated outcome of Connect Clayton is an amendment to Clayton County’s comprehensive plan, which will align Southlake BRT’s proposed station areas with consistent land use policies.
  • The Clayton Multipurpose Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Facility will support MARTA’s service expansion, supplement existing maintenance facilities, and improve MARTA’s existing bus network in Clayton County. Additionally, the facility alone will create over 400 jobs in Clayton County.
  • SR 54 High-Capacity Transit will explore alternatives for high-capacity, fixed-guideway transit in Clayton County.
  • The Justice Center Hub provides a safe, convenient place for passengers to transfer between buses in Clayton County.

This site allows visitors to explore a self-guided tour of the Southlake BRT, Transit Supportive Land Use, Clayton Multipurpose O&M Facility, and SR 54 High-Capacity Transit projects. Please expand the menu at the top left to read more about each project page. Pages include project descriptions, development timelines, and location and alignment details.