Clayton County Mutlipurpose Operations & Maintenance Facility

Project Description

The Clayton County Multipurpose Maintenance & Operations (O&M) Facility will serve the proposed Transit System Plan of the Clayton County Transit Initiative (CCTI). 


This new facility will supplement other existing MARTA bus maintenance facilities in

Fulton and DeKalb Counties, leverage new vehicle technologies such as electric bus and connected/autonomous vehicles and add needed infrastructure to improve current bus system operations. The need for this new facility was recognized years ago when Clayton County citizens voted to join the MARTA system in November 2014.

The facility will support operations of:

31 Regional Bus Routes

250 Buses

50 Paratransit Vehicles

The facility will also include:

MARTA Policy Precinct

Administrative Offics


The Clayton County Transit Initiative (CCTI) is comprised of three interconnected transit-related projects that explore opportunities to improve mobility options for Clayton County.

Site Selection

MARTA analyzed over 25 potential sites within Clayton County. The site selection process used 16 evaluation criteria to rank the potential sites including traffic conditions, current land use and zoning, site acquisition costs, site development costs and economic development factors. The preferred site is a 31-acre light industrial “greyfield” site located in Forest Park.

Overview Site Maps

Project Benefits



Increase system efficiency by reallocating equipment from existing MARTA bus maintenance facilities, up to 19 miles away, to the new facility resulting in a reduction in overall bus mileage, lost revenue time and emissions.

Lower Operational Costs


Lower operational costs by reducing lost revenue time, mileage, deadhead costs and bus driver costs.



The new facility will service fixed-route and paratransit by accommodating 250 buses 50 paratransit vehicles.


Alternative Fuels


Supports fueling and servicing of alternative fuels including natural gas and fully electric buses.


  • Site is located within a federally designated Opportunity Zone, sparking economic

investment in the community.

  • Positive future net fiscal impact of about $174K annually on the City of Forest Park
  • MARTA will employ roughly 4x more workers on site than its current use
  • With a multiplier effect of this investment 733 new permanent jobs could be created in Forest Park
  • Creation of 368 in-county jobs over the construction period
  • A $110+ million impact on total Clayton County economic output

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