SR 54 High-Capacity Transit

Alternatives Analysis Study starting Spring 2022!


The SR 54 High-Capacity Transit initiative is exploring potential alternatives for the provision of high-capacity, fixed-guideway transit in a study corridor extending from the city of East Point in south Fulton County, Georgia, to the city of Lovejoy in southern Clayton County, Georgia. The study is evaluating commuter rail transit and bus rapid transit alternatives that would operate in the Norfolk Southern freight rail corridor or the State Route (SR) 54 highway corridor.

Purpose and Need

The purpose of the proposed transit investment is to improve accessibility, travel time reliability, and economic development by providing high-capacity transit services for commuters accessing activity centers within Clayton County and the greater Atlanta region.

The four needs for the SR 54 High-Capacity Transit initiative, supported by existing conditions in the area and recent planning studies, are listed below:

  • Provide greater access to jobs;
  • Provide additional reliable and frequent transit services in Clayton County;
  • Improve regional access and connectivity to the Atlanta region; and
  • Address the growing demand for transit services in Clayton County.

Next Steps

The public and agency officials will soon be invited to help support the ongoing alternatives analysis and system planning efforts by reviewing information and commenting on:

  • The alternatives being considered;
  • The transportation problems that are being addressed by the alternatives analysis study;
  • Public participation and outreach methods;
  • The relevant transportation and potential community impacts and benefits being considered; and
  • Known environmental issues raised.

An early scoping meeting for the SR 54 High-Capacity Transit project will be held in Spring 2022. The purpose of this meeting will be for the public and interested agencies to learn more and comment on the scope of the alternatives analysis and system planning efforts.

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